Modular tapes and chains

Regina Group (Italy) is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of chains and their components and accessories. Thanks to its many years of technical know-how and manufacturing know-how and a wide variety of products, the Regina Group can offer reliable solutions to markets around the world. The beginnings of the Regina Group date back to the beginning of the 20th century, when the Societa Italiana Catene Calibrate Regina started producing bicycles, motorcycles, moped chains and rims in 1919. After World War II, Regina began producing industrial chains and entering international markets. Today, the Regina Group headquarters in Italy manages production and sales branches in Spain, France, England, China, USA, Mexico and Argentina and has an extensive network of distributors.

We would like to introduce you two product groups of the Regina Group - Industrial Chains with Various Industrial Applications and Conveyor Chains, most commonly used in the bottling, glass packaging and food industries.

Modular tapes

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Standard Materials for modular plastic conveyor belts

All belts from ScanBelt are naturally available in the traditional materials; Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP) and Polyacetal (POM).

All standard materials are FDA approved for direct food contact.

Polyethylene can handle operational temperatures down to ÷73° C and is thus suitable for installations in cold areas. It will also be ideal for applications that require a flexible belt material with superior impact strength.

Polypropylene can handle operational temperatures up to 100° C. It is a harder material with a good pulling force. It is suitable for installations in high range temperature areas as well as boilers and dryers to a certain degree. It has excellent chemical resistance towards aggressive cleaning chemicals etc.

Polyacetal is a strong all-round material with a working temperature from ÷43° to +95°. This material has great pulling force and a hard surface, which gives a reduced friction to both the support and the product. It is sensitive to blows or knocks due to low impact strength. Suitable for bottling and canning industry. Should be used with caution in installations that use cleaning agents containing acid and/or chlorine.

Modular tapes

Tecom s.r.l. - An Italian company specializing in the design and manufacture of conveyor components for over 30 years. Conveyor components are designed, manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. Flexibility, high production capacity and the dynamism of the warehouse enable extremely fast delivery of goods.

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