Cardan Drive Shafts

Mädler GmbH - Germany's company, which started it's work at the end of 19th century - in 1882. After survival of two World Wars, today Mädler's name is a guarantee of quality and reliability. More than 130 years of quality work earned global recognition for the company.MÄDLER product range is very wide: collars, timing belts, sensors, chains, hubs, bearings, bushes, gear boxes, spur gears, geared motors, couplings, pneumatic elements, handles, clutches, pulleys, clamping sets, telescopic slides, control elements, shafts, spindles, locknuts, sprockets, etc.

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Company ELSO Elbe GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) is part of the Elbe business group, a global leader in the manufacture of universal joints and power transmission components.
The main product range of ELSO includes precision / axial and pulley / ball and coupling PTO shafts, gears and gear flanges, helical shaft type couplings. Although the scope varies, the requirements for quality and reliability are the same - Elso products meet the highest ISO certification standard - TS 16949: 2002.

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