Стандартизовані частини та інше

Swing Bolts similar DIN 444, steel

Swing Bolts similar DIN 444, stainless steel

DIN 12240 - Rod Ends and Spherical Bearings

Thrust Pad with Spring Retainer, DIN 6311 and Factory Standard

Welding Hubs for Taper Bushes

Spring Plungers, Thrust Screws

Clevis Joints DIN 71752 (ex DIN 71751)

Clevises DIN 71752 and ES-Bolts

Grub Screws DIN 6332 with Thrust Point, Type S

Grub Screws DIN 6332 with Thrust Point, Type SK

Precision Levelling Adjusters, Steel Zinc-Plated

Precision Levelling Adjusters, Stainless Steel

Edge Trims

Trim Seals

Spherical Washers / Conical Seats

Bright Key Steel DIN 6880

Key Steel DIN 6880 Stainless Steel

Cup Rollers

Socket Pins with Spring-loaded Balls

Lifting Pins, Self Locking


Linear Drives (lifting devices) SFL, 12 V - 24 V, up to 2.100 N

Machine Mounts, / Levelling Feets

Lubricators, Oilers

Feather Keys (Parallel Keys) DIN 6885, Steel

Feather Keys (Parallel Keys) DIN 6885 Stainless Steel

Travel-Wheel Systems

Indexing Plungers / Cam-Action Indexing Plungers

Quick Clamps

Retaining Rings DIN 471 for shafts

Retaining Rings DIN 472 for boreholes

Assortment Boxes

Angle Joints