Маховики, ручки, робочі елементи

Ball Handles

Cabinet U Handles, Arch Handles

Revolving Cylindrical Grips 598

Cylindrical Knobs, Press-On Type

Control Knobs 726.1

Gear Lever Handles 209

Hand Wheels

Clamping Levers

Retractable Handles

Tubular Handles

Adjustable Clamping Levers

Eccentric clamps 927

Palm Grips

Wing Nuts and Wing Screws

Ball Knobs

Cranked Handles

Indexing Plungers / Cam-Action Indexing Plungers

Control Levers, Turret Levers

Clamp Nuts

Star Knobs, Star Knob Screws

Triangular Knobs and Triangular Knob Screws

Knurled Knobs

Quick Clamps